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Salt Lake City, UT – ActiveNet Technologies, a software company dedicated to breaking down data barriers, introduces Camenae® - a next generation data integration engine. Camenae makes it easy for businesses to connect data from virtually any source to applications in real-time with no computer programing required.

Camenae's functionality extends beyond simple integrations - data can be translated, synchronized, replicated, and normalized from virtually any sources to any destinations. This includes DBMS’s, web services, API's, file systems, and proprietary systems. Camenae also has full-featured data transformation capabilities. This engine can be quickly deployed on-premise and/or as a cloud-based solution. Camenae also excels at feeding data fed repositories for business intelligence, data warehousing, and big data analytics platforms such as Hadoop, Hana, In-Memory Databases, NoSQL and other logical warehouses.

"We're very pleased to see the tremendous agility of Camenae when deployed by our customers and integration partners," said Ron Wells, Founder & CTO of ActiveNet Technologies. "It is more flexible, faster and easier to deploy, and a more cost effective way to access, transform, and transport data than hard-coded integrations or existing data integration tools and platforms.”

Camenae is able to significantly lower the traditional costs and deployment time of data integration by offering a "no programming required" interface that is business user-friendly. This ease of integration drives increased return on investment and has opened up integrations that were once thought of as impractical for many small to mid-sized businesses, while also easily scaling to tackle enterprise-level data integration challenges.

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ActiveNet Technologies is a software company dedicated to making data integration less of an expensive technical challenge. Our flagship product, Camenae, brings you next generation, seamless connectivity of your applications. Camenae is a no-programming solution that is easy to deploy in hours, not months. It doesn't matter if your data is in the cloud, hosted through a third party, or in your own data centers. You can easily and securely deploy our high performance solution and deliver real-time access and distribution of data from any connection point. We pride ourselves in finding cost effective solutions for each customer. Learn more on our website at

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