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  • Written by Jacob Willam
USA - With the popularity of wireless calling system in various industries such as restaurant and hospital, this device become necessary part of our today¡¯s daily life. The famous paging system manufacturer alphanumeric pager has been working to this industry for many years. As the introduction from their specialized technician, pager is not limited to be used in the industries such as food, medical and others. Currently, the wireless pager has quietly entered into the construction industry and play very crucial role in this industry.

In the field of builds construction, with the popularity of construction elevator floor and the increasing of the height, the convenient scheduling of construction lifts could effectively improve operational efficiency. However, the wireless paging system could better sole the communication problem between the construction elevator operator and the construction workers and then the working efficiency and the security level of the construction elevator has been totally improved. The jtech pager uses the advanced wireless communication technology and independent encoding and decoding technology, which llet the installation and operation of this device become more stable.

The wireless pager will be installed at each corresponding floor of the constructing building and these devices adopt the battery-powered supplying without any wire. The platform of the lift operator will be installed the wireless receiving host to receive the call signal. When there is the floor calling, the host will have the voice prompts and simultaneously exhibit the calling floor information. Lift operator can response the floor calling by confirm the exact floor number displayed on the screen. If the floor is relatively too high, people could install signal booster to enhance the calling signal. However, the wireless system could help to achieve the first time connection and people could totally abandon the normally complicated method.

Nowadays, with the population of the wireless calling system, this device is playing indispensable role in the construction areas by its advantages of quick and easy installation, safe and effective using. In addition to the application of construction areas, the wireless paging system from witop technology could also widely applied into other areas that people could not image. If readers want to know more information about their high tech products, please do not hesitate to visit their official website

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Witop technology is innovator and producer of paging system. Our product line include: Restaurant pagers, alpha pager system, hospital paging system, wireless waiter call system. We can also customize paging device for our client. More and more points of sales system supplier use our system to integrate with their system. And in that way, Witop will try their best to making their system to be unique.

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