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  • Written by Vince Louie Daniot

The health rewards of drinking wine in moderation have been, for the most part, debated for quite some time. A lot of people believe that a glass of wine each day is an integral part of a healthy diet, but others consider wine as somewhat overrated.


Many studies have often shown that moderate wine consumption seems to minimize the risk of various diseases, such as heart disease. However, there’s a fine line between excessive intake and moderate intake.


In this post, we will walk you through some of the health benefits of moderate wine intake. Generally, its health effects read on to know more!

It is Rich in Antioxidants

In the fight or clash against battling off free radicals that, for the most part, cause severe health problems like cancer, wine can be the solution. It is good to stress that wine, such as Antinori Cervaro Della Sala, is rich in antioxidants that fight off free radicals when they come skulking around.


When selecting your wine for antioxidants, opt for white wine. According to a study by the University of Barcelona, the phenols found in white wine had an equal amount of antioxidants, if not higher, compared to those found in red wine. This study is fascinating as wine drinkers normally believe that red wine gives the most health rewards in moderate amounts.

Invigorates the Immune System

Even though you probably should not stop taking your daily medicines or vitamins, enjoying a glass of wine daily can, believe it or not, invigorate your immune system or give it a boost. Alcohol consumption in moderation can block off infections and keep your health stay fit.


However, do not get too engrossed or overwhelmed. Keep in mind that excessive drinking can lead to adverse effects that beat or vanquish the entire purpose of drinking wine for a boosted immune system.

It Expands Bone Density

As we mature, our bones get weaker, frail, and fragile. You could boost your calcium intake by consuming milk, or you can give yourself a fantastic favor and enjoy a glass of wine. Red wine contains explicitly high silicon levels, which is excellent for your bone mineral density. It expands the bone density and lowers the risk of osteoporosis. And just like milk, it can also help you doze off at night.

It Minimizes the Chance Of Stroke

Drinking wine in moderation and alcohol in general can, for the most part, hinder or impede blood clotting. Wine serves as a natural blood thinner, unraveling any blood clots that could, more often than not, lead to serious health problems such as stroke. This health benefit is more helpful to women compared to males.


In particular, red wine carries phenols that serve as a natural blood thinner like aspirin, and this is thanks to resveratrol. According to a study by John Hopkins University Medical Center, resveratrol found in skins of red grapes could shield against stroke.


However, although moderate consumption might be great in preventing or warding off a stroke, heavy drinker might have the opposite effect. It can result in a higher risk of heart attacks.

It Lessens the Chance of Heart Disease

When it comes to battling heart disease, taking all the essential precautions is necessary, mainly when it includes wine. The compound found in red wine called tannins carries procyanidins, phenols which balances counterbalances free radicals, that have discovered to be helpful in avoiding cardiovascular disease.


According to a study by the Israel Institute of Technology, the researchers tested the influences or impacts of red wine on the blood vessels’ health. They found out that after twenty-one days of moderate wine consumption, the blood vessel health was improved and enhanced. It boosts the health of the heart, reducing the risk of heart diseases.

It Can Lessen Cholesterol

Do you have no dietary protocols and bad cholesterol? If so, then opt for a bowl of Cheerios and wine at night. The procyanidins found in red wine promotes a healthy heart, and it lowers cholesterol.


Furthermore, resveratrol lowers bad cholesterol while boosting good cholesterol. It means that red wine provides health benefits regarding blood pressure. Thus, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, it is best to enjoy a glass of wine. If you are having a hard time keeping or maintaining your cholesterol levels on the right term, drink medicinal red wine daily.


When it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle, you do not need to take wine out of the list. As stated in this article, there are plenty of health benefits that one can enjoy from drinking wine, specifically moderate consumption. If you are a wine drinker, keep in mind to drink wine in moderation. It means women of all ages can drink one glass a day. The same is true for men ages 65+.