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In investing, the term “taking a bath” has a negative connotation. It means that an investor has experienced significant losses and is preparing to leave the market. Stocks whose share prices have decreased drastically are colloquially referred to as bathers. They are said to have taken a bath.

In contrast, physical bathtubs are suitable for homes. They can make a property easier to sell. They can also slightly raise the price. This small fixture in the bathroom may appear insignificant, but it can provide additional benefits aside from the relaxing value, especially for houses being sold.

Effects of not having a bath

Not having a bath can make a big difference”, says Ian Preston, Managing Director at Preston Baker Estate Agents. It appears most homebuyers in North America and Europe tend to expect the houses they are buying to have baths. Even if they are unlikely to use a bath regularly, they still prefer to have it in their bathroom. It does not matter what type of bath it is. It can be a corner, straight, or freestanding bath.

A home can still function with just a shower in the bathroom. The bathtub may not be an essential fixture for some. However, many real estate agents believe that the absence of a bath can affect the price of a property. The typical houses put up for sale usually have baths in them, so buyers tend to expect baths in the properties they inspect.

Potential homebuyers do not necessarily rule out homes that do not have a bath. However, it is more likely than not that the bath-less homes are relegated to a lower priority. They are no longer considered in the list of top options. Baths may not be expected in single-bed flats, but it’s different for traditional detached homes or apartments.

Investing in a good bath

High-quality baths are not necessarily expensive. You can stumble upon great choices if you spend a reasonable enough amount of time to do some research. Look for different possible suppliers and compare their products.

The style to choose depends on the prevailing design of the home or bathroom where the bath is set to be installed. Also, the available space should be considered. Freestanding baths are arguably the most popular because of their aesthetics and versatility. They can be used anywhere without having to worry about possible design inconsistencies.

Baths can be made of fibreglass, acrylic, enamelled cast iron, cast polymer enamelled steel, stone, or copper. Fibreglass types are said to be the most economical option. They also come with the advantage of being lightweight but highly durable. Additionally, they are easy to clean.

A bath makes a house look more attractive to potential buyers. By investing in a good bath, you can make it quicker to market and sell your property. This idea, however, is not a guarantee of saleability. Certainly, having a bath in the bathroom alone is not going to sell a house. There are other factors to take into consideration.

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