The Property Pack


  • Written by Shaiva Pandya

Whether your floor is made of solid timber or engineered timber, a well-maintained hardwood surface has been a top choice for buyers and agents alike. Unlike carpet flooring that can host dust and allergens if not maintained, timber flooring is cleaner, more attractive, and durable making it a popular choice for flooring.

No one would want to buy a property that is dark, dull, and musty. Therefore, revamping your floor is a good idea, especially if you’re thinking about selling it soon.

Now you’ll be thinking if going for solid timber floorboards would turn out to be expensive? The short answer is yes. Real hardwood flooring is comparatively more expensive than carpet or tiles. However, with technological advancements, many alternatives like engineered timber would look beautiful and cost less at the same time.

High-quality natural timber is an appropriate choice for luxury and high-end homes. As the market value of hardwood floors is constantly appreciating over time, spending more on high-quality natural timber can be considered an investment for a lifetime.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why investing in timber flooring is a smart choice.


Wood is naturally beautiful and versatile. It simply looks fantastic and offers a luxurious feel. All timber floorboards are unique as they’re sourced from, natural materials. Containing distinctive characteristics, timber boards are perfect for achieving an elegant design that can never be matched or replicated elsewhere.

Environmental sustainability

Timber is a great choice if you’re environmentally conscious. Wood stores carbon for life, uses little energy to produce, and is renewable and recyclable. Being naturally more energy-efficient, timber floors are sustainable and lasts for generations.


Wood floors are a breeze to look after! They don’t trap dirt or allergens and are hard-wearing which means you spend less time cleaning. It is possible that excessive wear and tear on the flooring would drive buyers away. With carpet and other kinds of flooring, durability and maintenance could be an issue. Whereas hardwood flooring requires little maintenance and is easy to live with.

Beautifully preserved timber floor offers a timeless appeal. It can complement both modern and vintage settings. No matter, how often you decide to change the interior décor, your classic natural wooden floor will continue to blend in seamlessly.

Commercial Value

While it’s hard to say how much more value a solid timber floor adds to a home, but it’s proven that buyers prefer hard surfaces over carpeting. Mainly because it requires minimum upkeep and is good for health. Wood floors do not trap allergens, which means the quality of indoor air is much better compared to air in a carpeted home. As timber floors are likely to lift the appearance of the whole house, a home buyer will automatically be driven to it for its aesthetics and appeal.

Most of us will agree that hardwood floors are incredible. There is a certain allure to it and therefore sprucing up your floor with solid timber is an excellent choice. Hardwood floors alone will not significantly increase the value of your property, but they’ll surely add an aesthetic value that is guaranteed to impress buyers.