Choosing a car transport service may be stressful for you if you haven’t chosen the service before. You want to ensure the safest transport of your vehicle with a tailored service.  

While checking online for regular or express car transport services, you may find auto transport brokers and auto transport carriers offering services. And you might wonder what the difference between the two is and who you should choose for moving your vehicle. 

Let’s learn about both the type of vehicle transport providers in detail.  

Auto Transport Brokers  

Auto transport brokers are generally small companies or businesses that connect with various auto transport companies to arrange the vehicle movement for a fee. You can call them intermediaries, and they are found almost everywhere. Importantly, they do not generally own vehicle carrier trucks or other infrastructure to move vehicles to the destination.  

The auto transport brokers have partnerships with reputable and reliable vehicle transport carriers in the industry to move your vehicle. All they do is helping you arrange the safe movement of your vehicle to the destination with minimal hassles. Importantly, you may get great deals as brokers generally provide competitive pricing and special offers.  

Red Flags On Using Auto Transport Brokers 

While using auto transport brokers are a lucrative deal in many cases, there are some areas you should be cautious to avoid costly mistakes. Keep in mind that just a website is required to operate as a broker for illegitimate services.  

Although you can find many reputable auto transport brokers, you should identify genuine service providers. The broker services also have a simplified licensing procedure, and that created questionable practices in the industry.  

Avoid bad apples of the industry by consulting with your family or friends who uses such services before, referring to online reviews, and contacting them by phone or visiting them in person.  

Auto Transport Carriers 

These are the movers of vehicles, and they have carrier trucks, the technology infrastructure, drivers, and other supporting staff. Auto Transport Carriers are generally small to large businesses, with few trucks and some offices to a large fleet of carrier trucks and countrywide presence and offices.  

When you directly deal with auto transport carriers, there is no intermediary. However, this may not guarantee you a more affordable service. It is mainly because auto transport carriers try to charge a premium to leverage the situation.   

One of the drawbacks of choosing auto transport carriers is that not every carrier provide transport to the destination you want. They may be operating between specific routes. If you are not moving your vehicle to a major destination, an auto transport broker can simplify most of your work.  

Auto Transport Carriers As Brokers 

Importantly, many auto transport carriers register themselves as brokers and facilitate vehicle movement even in routes where they don’t operate. Usually, they make this possible by collaborating with other vehicle transport carriers. 

This is also an excellent option for them to cover all the possible routes and advertise themselves as a national brand.   

Final Thoughts 

No matter you choose brokers or carriers, you want a good-quality and safe vehicle movement to the destination at a reasonable price at the end. Do some online research about the broker or carrier you want to choose, go through the testimonials from various sources, compare the cost, and choose the right service provider.