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Watching your favourite show, sports or films is one of the best ways to unwind after a hectic day at work. So it can be, understandably, quite frustrating when your TV reception starts to crumble, producing a poor image and sound quality.


If this becomes recurrent, you must figure out what causes such interferences. But unless you have the right knowledge to determine the correct cause, it is highly recommended that you call digital TV antenna installation experts to diagnose and fix the issue accordingly.


To give you an idea of what may be causing your poor TV viewing experience, here are six factors that can greatly affect your digital TV antenna reception.

1. The age and/or condition of your antenna

In Australia, plenty of antennas are being sold each year. But an average homeowner only changes or services their TV antenna once after every 12 years. Experts actually say that a TV antenna should be upgraded every five years.

There are a lot of things that can happen in more than a decade. The construction of new buildings within your neighbourhood and the changes in your local environment can have a huge impact on how your antenna performs. So if you are experiencing poor TV reception constantly, and the last time you changed your TV antenna was a decade ago, now is the best time to get that much-needed antenna upgrade.

2. Quality of the TV antenna

A new antenna functions the way older antennas do. The only difference is that today’s digital TV antennas have a design allowing them to focus the reception to specific locations. They are constructed in such a way that they can easily receive transmission frequencies (VHF or UHF or both) once they’re pointed towards the right direction.

If you know little to nothing about digital TV antennas, ask help from local antenna experts. They can help you choose the type of antenna that works best for your TV, location, and your budget.

3. Antenna setup

How the digital TV antenna was installed will have a huge impact on how good or bad your TV viewing experience will be. Antenna placement, for instance, can affect your TV reception. To get a strong signal, the digital TV antenna must be oriented toward the transmission source.

Poor installation is indeed one of the main causes of reception issues. An improperly set-up antenna system won’t be able to receive a strong signal, resulting in pixelated images or no signal at all. Incorrect use of amplifiers and poor cabling will also negatively affect your TV reception. Thus, you must invest in a professional digital TV antenna installation service.

Antenna specialists know exactly how a digital TV antenna should be installed, using the right cables, wires, and other key accessories. With professional installers, you will enjoy a superb, uninterrupted TV viewing experience at all times. In any case, if you encounter reception issues after installation, you can always call them to figure out what’s causing it and get it fixed.

4. Your location

The distance of your house from the transmitting tower will also have an effect on TV reception quality. Generally, if your location is further away, this can lead to poor TV reception. On the contrary, you can get a better TV reception if you live close to the transmitter.

5. Line of sight

But even if you are close to the transmission tower, you may still experience poor TV reception. This is primarily caused by obstructions between your digital TV antenna and the transmission tower. Known as “black spots,” these hindrances will include tall buildings, mountains, tall trees and hedges, and mobile phone towers.

To have a clear line of sight, an antenna specialist may need to take your digital TV antenna higher. Also, you may be advised to prune and trim those tall trees and hedges.

6. Cables and Wirings

Poor TV reception may be caused by the poor connections between your television and your antenna, and not by the broadcast quality. Damaged connecting cables and wires, perhaps caused by rats and mice or wear and tear, can result in a poor TV signal. So make sure to inspect all the connecting cables and have them changed accordingly.

Indeed, there are several factors that could affect your TV viewing experience. So if you are experiencing TV reception issues, check if any of these factors are causing these.


For an easier and faster solution, especially if you are not knowledgeable and skilled in terms of handling antennas, consider calling digital TV antenna specialists to help you. With their experience and expertise, you will have an excellent TV viewing experience in no time.