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Almost everything that you share about your personality and lifestyle is to make an impression nowadays. The saying that the first impression is the last certainly has come a long way.

What brands you wear, which car you drive, and in which vicinity you live, all these answers speak volumes about your personality. Realizing this, most people mold themselves as per their capability to meet these standards and impress the people who possess more importance in their lives. They invite them over, prepare lavish meals and share their living space with them.

While focusing on major aspects of your décor and dinner menus, it's easy to miss out on small, intricate details that not only affect these experiences but also enhance them. Most people neglect something like body or mouth odor while dressing up. Fortunately, it often goes unnoticed. It is nothing major, however, a foul stench that encapsulates your residence is. You might neglect it because you have gotten used to it, but someone visiting for the first time would feel it significantly.

The strongest sense is the sense of smell, and a house that reeks of a bad smell can do substantial damage to your attempt of making an impression. Much advanced automatic equipment can help fight this flaw of yours with minimal effort. An example of such equipment could be some of the best electric diffusers that spread the aroma of essential oils throughout your house. These may seem like an unnecessary investment but they can save you from some serious embarrassment.

Besides this, here are some handy ways to make your house smell good naturally.


One of the major areas that could make your house smell bad is your kitchen. To be more specific, the kitchen garbage and sink. An easy way to tackle this is to add vinegar and citrus cubes to your garbage disposal and keep the water running till they dissolve. To make these cubes, add pieces of lemons to your ice cube tray and fill the molds with vinegar instead of water. Don’t use diluted vinegar as this process calls for something strong. Keep them in for freezing and wait. Once done, you are ready to use these cubes every few days to have an aromatic kitchen.


It may be one of the most horrendous suggestions that you have come across, but it works well. Add half a cup of Borax, half a cup of baking soda, 1 or 2 cinnamon cloves (or the same quantity of grounded cinnamon) with about 30 drops of your favorite essential oil. Shake the mixture well and place it in a jar from where you could sprinkle it onto your carpet. Do this before you are about to vacuum your carpet. Let it sit for 10 to 15 mins so that it can do the job. Avoid adding cinnamon for lighter colored carpets, or you might experience discoloration.


Another easy way to keep your furniture smelling fresh and welcoming is to use fabric sprays. These are easy to use home-made sprays that could potentially get rid of most foul scents that your fabric-covered furniture has gathered over some time. Get a glass spray bottle, add a tablespoon of baking soda, a bit of heated distilled water and about 10 drops of your favorite essential oils. Go with lavender if it’s something refreshing that you seek. If you wish to use something stronger, prefer lemon or tangerine. Shake it so that the contents are perfectly mixed. Use on any furniture fabrics for upholstery, or even on pillows if you want them to smell fresh.


If you are thinking of something fancy to serve as a solution to make your house fragrant and fresh, scented candles are a really good way to go about the situation. Not only are they strong in scent, but they give a really beautiful outlook to your arrangement and reflect a rich taste. Besides this, candles can be kept in your linen closets or cabinets when they are not in use. Not in use doesn’t mean that they have stopped enriching the aroma. Use them to open cabinet doors and feel refreshed instead of a deep-rooted smell of washed clothes or spices that have been kept around for too long.


If you are an organic person, then you will feel no shame in taking nature’s help to assist you in revitalizing the aroma of your house. Keep the windows open if you have a back or front yard with some lively plants swaying with the wind. It will help with a rich intake of fresh air and set up a good, natural ventilation system for your house. If you don’t have plants outside your house, bring them inside instead. Have a few fragrant flowering plants to keep a rich aroma and maintain a healthy lifestyle on the side.


Managing houses is a difficult business, specifically while dealing with such minor issues like the aroma of your house. To avoid getting caught up in all this embarrassment, it’s better to educate yourself on the subject and to have a smart solution that could fight such situations. This way, you won’t have to worry about it occasionally. Invite your friends and family over your place and enjoy admirable reviews for your fragrant arrangement.