• Written by News Company

No one likes a health and safety incident. It suggests that someone has been injured, or even worse. Even a slight injury is something you should strive to avoid completely. Even a close call of someone being very slightly injured is unacceptable. It’s essential to understand that this responsibility is something important to foster. It’s something you should tirelessly strive for. But without actionable steps, all this is simply wishful thinking.

There are many reasons as to why you might wish to ensure your company has a spotless health and safety record. No staff injuries ever is the only one that matters, and the only one that means anything. But of course, no staff injuries or harm is also a better financial goal to aim for, even if this reason is ethically several notches down on the totem pole.

Whatever your reason (all of them are valid, and preferably combined,) this is not something that happens in a vacuum. Let us see how you might take those actionable steps ahead of time:

Ensure Quality Equipment

Investing in shoddy, second-hand or second-rate equipment, be that equipment, safety, or perhaps important-to-care for implements such as Miheu shredder blades, you need to ensure the equipment is absolutely reliable. You simply cannot ignore the importance of this. Equipment needs to be regularly maintained and checked against your health and safety standards. For example, it’s not enough to ensure all of the hard hats in your safety booth are appropriate for the job. You must have checks in place to sign off on this. You must ensure that all implements are routinely cared for. It is also better to replace a broken implement wholesale than to simply repair it in an effort to save money. The more you invest here, the likelihood of your staff encountering injury through malfunctioning or broken equipment declines. Through this perspective, your investments are priceless.

Do Not Tolerate Misbehavior

It’s not uncommon for staff to forget the importance of safety procedures and to start cutting corners. Do not allow this. Discipline it appropriately. More than one deviation from the known rules should be treated with potential dismissal. It’s simply not acceptable for staff to forgo the needs of your safety policy. But you should also hammer down this safety policy in no uncertain terms. They must always wear safety gear. They must always fill out safety reports legibly. And they must always be honest with you when reporting on incidents. This way, you can ensure that you trust your staff significantly, and can prevent a potential issue from occurring.

Hold Regular Safety Training

Even if staff do not need to be told, over and over again, how to adopt to safety policy - you should do it anyway. It’s something worth repeating, time and time and time again. If you can do this, then you will be sure to keep your staff up to date with the latest standards, it will allow you to continually expect the best from your staff, and on top of that, you will ensure a greater infrequency of accidents or issues that could have and may have occurred.

With these tips, we hope you are better able to reduce the number of safety incidents at your firm.