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No matter where you work you will have heard of the health and safety rules of the building, you will have even heard of training that you will need to undertake, and if you ever have to lift the box then you will have heard of a specific course that you may need to take called “manual handling“ and this is all sounds very serious, but what does it mean? Well, due to historical events, and a certain amount of severe accidents in workplaces, There are several obvious health and safety services, rules, and regulations, and even the governing body is set up to be able to keep an eye on this crucial aspect of any business. When you think about health and safety, many people can feel frustrated by the restrictions this may put on a business. There is no doubt about the fact that the health and safety rules may limit certain aspects of a business, but they are necessary.


When a business employs staff, there is a certain level of accountability that they should be held to. Companies that may require Brisbane Pallet Racking, For example, may need regular safety checks on their equipment, companies that need lorries to run, will need restrictions on the amount of time staff are allowed to drive the trucks. To ensure there aren’t any dangerously tired Drivers on the road, and even cleaners in offices that use Chemicals need to be held accountable for any shortfalls in their health and safety. This is for the benefit of everyone that enters the business at any point.

Fewer incidents

Without a doubt, the fact that a business is held accountable, and regularly monitored, will always reduce incidents in that workplace. This, of course, is a very positive aspect of health and safety, and with a little time and effort, lives can actually be saved by following the regulations effectively. Not only does this keep stuff safe, but it does also, of course, keep costs down and insurance low. And who doesn’t want to keep costs low we are possible? Being a good business owner can save you money in specific scenarios.


Prevention is better than cure they say, and the reason for this, especially in health and safety, is because once an accident occurs, there is no going back on it. But preventing the disaster in the first place is ultimately the best course of action. Of course, this means there are fewer injuries and fewer problems when it comes to staff management. Just the mere fact that your staff knows they are being well looked after, and that you take health and safety seriously, is enough to give confidence and assurance to your team.

So health and safety can ultimately be a good thing in all scenarios. Even if this adds a slight inconvenience to your day, the genuine alternative doesn’t bear thinking about it. So it’s always best to stick to the rules and take care of yourself and those around you.

Photo by Guilherme Cunha on Unsplash