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  • Written by News Company

Marketing is tricky business. It’s a billion dollar market all on its own, and it has all kinds of job titles and under positions for someone to get started in before they climb their way up to being a consultant. It’s a constantly changing world, yes, but it’s also one that stays the same at its core: making yourself look attractive to make some money.

There’s a lot of elements to marketing, and there’s a long history behind it; it’s only natural that some of the techniques we were using to advertise a company and its products 50, 30, or even just 10 years ago are still going to have relevance today. When you know which ones still have impact in the modern and digital world, you can both save yourself some capital, and better predict where your marketing is going to need to go in the future.

So here’s just a few of the oldies and goodies of the marketing world. If a business keeps them in mind whilst they're trying to establish themselves, they have a much better chance of making a return on their investments.

Sending an Email

Emailing is still relatively new, in terms of technology and how sudden its influx has been over the last 20 years. But when you think about, emailing is an old art when it comes to marketing a product. People have been dropping personal messages, promotions, and even hacking attempts in others’ inboxes since instant messaging was invented, and it’s always had a considerable impact on the profits a business can make off of repeat custom.

So if your business has a lack of returning visitors, despite getting plenty of unique visitors to your website month by month, be sure to focus on an email marketing campaign. If you have a mailing list, you can collect a list of emails of people who were at least interested enough to click on your website link entirely for free. You see, most people with an email account check it on a daily basis, often 10 or more times a day, and that can work in your favor.

Showing Off Your Product

If you’ve got a product to sell, people are going to want to see it. No one is going to buy something they haven’t gotten the look of, and no one is going to be interested in blank boxes where standard images should be. It’s one of the basics of building a business website in itself: pictures paint a thousand words, and they’re also the most eye catching thing you can put in your HTML code.

You’re going to want to invest heavily in commercial photography, to make sure there's no secret around who you are and what you sell. You’re going to want someone with the skill to create a relevant background for your product to go in, to show off how they can be used in daily life. If you sell shelving, for example, the people who are thinking of buying your units are going to want to see for themselves what these units look like when erected. They want to be able to imagine how these shelves will look in their own house, and whether the size and the color is going to be a good fit. Pictures paint a thousand words, after all.

Targeting Your Customers

If you can be personal about the promotions you send someone, you’re going to be much better at enticing them over to you. They’re going to be a lot more willing to spend money on your products, simply because you’ve shown some kind of care towards them and their specific needs.

Whenever a customer comes through your doors, make sure you know what they’re looking for, and how long they spend with you. When you have an online business, this can be a lot easier by simply checking your website analytics: find out the people who visit you frequently, where they come from, the pages they click on, and the items they fill their basket up with. If you can collect this data on a customer, you can tap out an email tailored to them. Offer them a discount in the category they spend most of their money in, or advertise a membership option if they come by your website once a week.

Marketing takes a bit of time and practice, but when you have techniques on your side that have been working since business began, it’s going to be easier.