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The first ever Global Skateboarding Summit, held in Istanbul May 22-24, was a huge success and a solid start to unifying the sport ahead of potential Olympic inclusion at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games, according to event host World Skateboarding Federation (WSF).

Keynote speakers included Christian Wassmer, the International Olympic Committee ?Head of Winter Sports and International Federations Relations; Vlad Marinescu, general director of SportAccord; and members from 15 countries and international federations including the International Downhill Federation (IDF), International Slalom Skateboarding Association (ISSA), International Distance Skateboarding Association (IDSA), Association of International Skateboarders (AIS), FIRS and the International Skateboarding Federation (ISF).

The three-day summit was held at the Conrad Hotel in Istanbul. Designed to be an annual meeting to unify skateboarding, the summit discussed ways to help grow and form local, national and international skateboarding federations and associations. Attendees also received pertinent information regarding skateboarding’s Olympic potential from industry leaders and IOC experts. Issues discussed ranged from Wada testing and gender equity, to the framework for an internationally agreed upon format and unified scoring system, and qualifications for Olympic sporting events. 

The 2015 Global Skateboarding Awards were also presented as part of the Summit.

Skate 2020 Agenda

World Skateboarding Federation also unveiled its Skate 20/20 agenda during the summit, which focuses on six key initiatives over the next five years:

1) Develop 40 National Governing Organizations over the next two years (WSF is already working with eight countries and will have those governing bodies set up by the end of the year)

2) Create a minimum of 17 WSF-sanctioned regional and national contests that feed into national championship events, by 2016

3) Create and support a global youth development program

4) Create a universal scoring system

5) Host International Judging Conference (Inaugural contest to be held in October 2015 in Kimberley, South Africa to coincide with Skateboarding World Championships)

6) Host annual Global Skateboarding Summit. The 2016 summit host candidates include Glasgow, Montreal and Mexico City.

WSF also previewed a national ranking system, which was very well received by attendees and will officially launch June 15 on World Skateboarding Federation . The summit was an open forum allowing attendees from across all of skateboarding’s disciplines to voice opinions and ask questions.

Speakers at the 2015 Global Skateboarding Summit included:

Vlad Marinescu, General Director of Sport Accord

Christian Wassmer, IOC Head of International Federation Relations and Winter Sports

Tim McFerran, President of World Skateboarding Federation

Alistair Menzies, Board Chairman of Skateboard Scotland

Cyrille Harnay, President of the International Downhill Federation

Jack J. Lesyk, Ph.D., CC-AASP, Director of Ohio Center for Sports Psychology

Mike Jacki, Former President of USA Ski and Snowboard

Peter Shakkour, Emmy Winning TV Producer, Worked on 8 Olympic Games for CBS and NBC

Brendi Rawlin, Managing Director of Lee & London Public Relations

Aaron Spohn, President of Spohn Ranch Skateparks

John Block, Minister of Economic Development & Tourism, Northern Cape, South Africa

“This Global Summit was very beneficial to all those interested in the advancement of skateboarding and its possible future inclusion in the Olympic program,” said Mike Jacki, newly elected General Secretary of WSF and former ISF member. “The great majority of people feel that skateboarding will benefit tremendously if it becomes an Olympic sport.  We also feel that skateboarding will provide a new and exciting youth initiative to the Games. It is essential that we are willing to work with the IOC and the international skate community leaders in order to do what is required to gain acceptance into the world’s most prestigious sporting event: the Olympic Games.   Having 15 countries represented is a step in the right direction.  While there is a great deal of work to do, we have a foundation and a sport that deserves the effort.”

About World Skateboarding Federation (WSF)

World Skateboarding Federation a governing body of skateboarding and the leader in providing skateboarders around the world with funds to help pay for travel expenses to attend international contests.

The WSF Board of Directors 

Tim McFerran, WSF Board President
Sasha Steinhorst, United States
Maga McWhinnie, Peru
Paco Manzanares, Mexico
Stefan Lilis Akesson, Sweden
Kevin Harris, Canada;
Cyrille Harnay, France
Felix Arguelles, United States
Tim Gavin, United States
Jani Söderhäll, France
Hans Koraeus, Sweden

WSF actively donates skateboards to youth in poverty stricken areas and supports worthwhile skateboarding organizations like Skateistan in South Africa. WSF is currently working with a number of countries, providing leadership and expertise, to help them form national federations. The mission of the World Skateboarding Federation is to promote skateboarding around the world; to grow and connect relevant skateboarders, organizations, brands and manufacturers for the further expansion of skateboarding; to assist in building quality skateparks; to provide financial assistance to top skateboarders to attend international skateboarding contests; to create a centralized judging and scoring system; and to provide a platform to create national, regional and local contests. World Skateboarding federation is a USA incorporated nonprofit 501-c-3 organization. For more information visit

2015 Global Skateboarding Awards

Skateboarder of the Year- Tony Hawk

Brand of the Year- Vans

Retailer of the Year- KCDC New York

Non-Profit of the Year- Girls Rider Organization

Lifetime Achievement Award- Steve Van Doren

Skatepark of the Year- Kumba Skate Plaza, Kimberley, South Africa

City, Municipality, Country- (Tie):

New York City Parks & Recreation; Northern Cape, South Africa