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  • Written by Mackenzie Albright
Mackenzie Albright has just launched her weight loss website dedicated to helping women lose weight fast.

Mackenzie has a funny story. She hs just finished arts at the University of Colombia, and developed a new passion. She has always been a chubby girl. Not very fat, but at least 30 pounds overweight. With all that she was a good ballerina and almost nobody understood how come she is a great ballerina when she is fat.

None of the guys were able to lift her, but she was able to dance great by herself, without the help of her teachers, she was great. It seems she had talent, and because of this she di not work at all at her balet skills and she did not even try to lose weight.

All this happened till one day, when her teached made fun of Mac because she was too fat for dancing with the guy she liked, because she was almost his weight and the teacher was afraid that Mac will break his spine because of how fat she was.

So, MAC decided that it was time for to either quit ballet or to lose weight.

So, after 2 weeks when she did nothing but lay in bed the whole day long, Mac decided that she will lose all the extra 30 pounds of fat from her body and become the first ballerina from her class.

At first it was not easy at all for her, so she decide to look for help online, typing in google ”how to lose 30 pounds fast”. She found a great video from a woman HEATHER, and she followed all her tips, started to follow a daily weight loss routine every day, and in 2 months Mac lost 29 pounds, and she became the best ballerina in her class, as she was already a great one to start with.

All she did was losing weight, and exercising 2 times per day in her ballet classes.

That’s when Mac decided to tell her story and to tell everybody about how she managed to lose weight and decided that she will attack the world of overweight people and will not let them sleep until she makes them realize that their life can be so much better if they lose the extra fat.

Her website can be viewed here:

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