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  • Written by Tim Ballantyne


Salt Lake City, UT - Suralink, a managed document service company, announced today the release of their new professional document exchange for accounting and other professional services firms.

Suralink offers a secure customer interaction platform  that replaces the multitude of tools that are currently used to coordinate file exchange. Suralink's dynamic document exchange software helps companies escape the confines of the antiquated file portal. The system allows users to track the step-by-step interaction of their teams on any given document, and eliminate unnecessary meetings by monitoring the progress of every facet of the job in real time. Suralink excels at exhibit intensive collection and management such as financial audit and legal discovery and due diligence.

"Our customers are reducing the time and costs over previous methods by an average of 40 percent," said Tim Ballantyne, CEO of Suralink. "Their clients are much happier with audits, and firms are able to bid more competitively for contracts."

Suralink integrates customer interaction tools with secure file exchange to eliminate organizational problems. The system’s features include a simple drag-and-drop upload, easy-to-read graphical dashboard, automatic status updates, effortless report generation, and trouble-free mobile access.

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Suralink Inc. is a document management company dedicated to helping customers improve the efficiency of document collection and retention. With templates designed for the Audit and Legal
professions, Suralink offers a solution that allows exhibits to be collected and shared easily and securely. To learn more about Suralink, visit

Contact Name: Tim Ballantyne
Phone Number: 801-898-9328

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