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  • Written by Jacob Willam
China - Thousands years ago, the flag and banner was firstly used for the military purposes on land and then it begun to become the identified signal on the sea. After hundred of years¡¯ development, the flag had evolved to the representatives of the royal family, state, troop and others. Now, flag products such as custom printed flags from enterprise already entered into everywhere of daily life, which could be seen at the sports competition, large scale business meeting, political meeting and even the small groups among citizens.

To achieve the successfully designing for the perfect flags, the clients and the manufacturer for flags need to know following five principles which provided by famous custom printed flags supplier


The Designation for flags must be simple enough to let each people easily draw it put through their memories otherwise it will not be the successfully designation.

Use meaningful symbolism

The color, patterns and other details of the flag should have such symbolic meaning which will let people easily get the main theme of the communicated message from the flags owner, such as companies¡¯ main products and others.

Use two to three kinds of basic colors

The colors for flags and banner should be limited to three kinds and people should choose use the standard color settings. This point is very crucial to confirm the final effect of the flags.

Avoid text and Seal

People should note to not use any type of written text or stamp of any organization. However, this is not the strictly factor in today¡¯s constantly Changing theme.

Unusual or association

Each client and manufacturer for flag should avoid the totally copying for other flags but they could use similarities to show their links. This factor may be the most difficult one but it is very important for the creative custom flag.

Overall speaking, if people want to design one set of high quality and creative custom printed flag, they should firstly consider the flag designing purposes and idea, then, their mind could pass to the colors and shapes matching of the flag. The best matching of the above factors could better show with people the main good concepts of flags owner. Now, please order the most suitable flags from famous supplier Let the viewer through the banner to get good image of your company and organization.


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