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When there is a battle between Gods and Demons, it is obvious that most players would choose to be on Gods’ side. But what if it is a battle between Gods and Gods? What if the greatest alliance of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva also known as Trimurthi breaks apart? Whose side would the players take? That is the basic background of the upcoming action packed, multiplayer online game, Tantra Rumble. The game was developed by GamOlic SRL, a team of indie developers. This free-to-play game offers players a complete control over the eight characters who involve in the battle arena. Players get to choose to be one amongst the eight mortal heroes Banar, Satya, Abikara, Druka, Kaya, Samabat, Vidya and Nakayuda.

Players can choose their own gaming style be it dynamic or flexible. They can take part in a story line based fights or customize their own game modes or work with a team of other players to dominate the regions. Players will have full access to choose from a wide range of Stat Points or Chakras, Equipment and skills and have complete control over how they want to play their characters.

The team started working on Tantra Rumble from February 2014 onwards and made significant progress in terms of programming, design, features and game play. The team plans to build a congenial environment with features such as guilds, in-game voice communication, chat rooms and more. Players can also post their accomplishments on their walls and fully integrate the game on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. The game is currently on Kickstarter for Crowd Funding. The campaign will help the team expand their limited funds and cover the costs for recruiting additional developers and offer a high quality game to the gamers. The team aims to raise $141,000 by December 3, 2014 so as to focus on finalizing the development of the game.

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Tantra Rumble, is an upcoming free to play massive multi-player online role playing game designed by a team of Indie developers, GameOlic using Unreal Engine 4. The game can be played on PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux. The game would also be made available on mobile apps and compatible with Android, IOS and Windows smart phones and tablets. The project is now on Kickstarter for crowd funding.

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