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Are you planning to install an electric water heater? In this post, we give you a stepwise procedure on how to do it.

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  1. Close the Stopcock

Before starting to install an electric thermos, you must close the water stopcocks that connect to the place where you are going to place your heater. In case you do not have segmented stopcocks, you should close the general water cutoff key of your home.

If you have not chosen where you are going to install your electric heater you can do it in the kitchen or the bathroom. You should ensure there is a grounded plug and close to the water outlet. The hot water and cold water connection should be as close to the thermos.

  1. Do the Drills

Before drilling, you must measure the distance between the anchor legs horizontally and vertically. This way you will mark on the wall where the screws should go.

Once you are sure of the places where you should make the hole, you can start drilling and putting the tacos. Remember to check with the level that the holes are straight. In this way, you will be sure that your electric heater will not have inclinations to any side.


  1. Hang Your Electric Water Heater

To hang your hot and cold water thermos, we recommend you seek help. It is not a difficult task but these devices are usually very heavy and therefore, having a helping hand is ideal to avoid accidents. Next, you must screw the retaining nuts on the rod of the anchor rod.

  1. Connect the Water to Your Electric Water Heater

Place the 2 anti-electrolytic handles on the hot and cold water thread at the base of the thermos. Then you will screw the safety valve into the cold water inlet. In this way, you will protect it against excess pressure.

Then, you must screw the reinforced hoses to the safety valve of the cold water inlet and to the electrolytic that is in the hot water outlet. Finally, you will screw the hoses to the thermo-square keys.

  1. When to Change an Electric Thermos for Another?

Has your electric heater broken or did you decide to change it because it did not meet the basic needs of your home? If so, you should keep in mind installing an electric thermos. However, this task requires a lot of care and basic knowledge so that everything is working perfectly.

If this is your case, the first thing you should do is disassemble your thermos or old electric heater. To do this, you must close the water stopcock to which it is connected or the general cutoff of your home.

Next, you must empty the thermos. This is very easy to do. First, you must close the cold water inlet bracket keys and the hot water outlet key. The next step is to disconnect the hoses from the thermos. Finally, you connect a hose at the hot water outlet of the thermos, disassemble the safety valve and by gravity, the thermos empties itself.

If you plan to install an electric thermos, contact We help you solve all your problems and do any type of installation.