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Did you know that the 2019-20 summers in Australia were the second-hottest on record? You read that, right! According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the temperature recorded was 1.88C above the average levels. Not just that, but research suggests that the climate crisis is cutting the winters short in the country.

The devastating November bushfire is evident that the situation is bleak. Therefore, we should remain fully aware of the ongoing weather conditions and take appropriate safety measures. One of these precautions includes buying a humidity measuring kit so we shall have accurate knowledge of the weather.

In addition to monitoring the climatic conditions in general, these tools also come in handy for keeping a check on the atmosphere in an industrial setting. This input helps us maintain regular temperatures and keep the equipment and installations safe. Using electronic devices allows us to maintain a record and make appropriate decisions when there are too high or low temperatures and uncertain atmospheric conditions.

Certain substandard data loggers cannot withstand the pressure in an industrial environment, and so they wear out soon. So, quality should top our priority list when we are on the lookout to buying one of such devices.

This article will assist in providing the knowledge of a temperature and humidity data logger and discuss the different available types to help you in making the right choice.

  1. The USB Small Data Loggers

These humidity data loggers come in a wide range and include about six models for measuring the temperature and humidity. These can be intelligently used in the industries as they fit well with a large number of applications. The pocket-friendly size allows you to carry the device anywhere you want, while it can be run anywhere with the help of a computer. Due to being compact and simple to use, the loggers are also suitable for use in a cold chain environment.

  1. Portable Data Loggers

These are offered in a range of watch-style, smart portable loggers for a wide-range use. These come with built-in sensors for monitoring internal temperature and humidity and can be used, especially for supply chain monitoring.

  1. Wireless Data Loggers

These are comparatively larger loggers and can run 24/7 to provide you with real-time data information. These are customized for organizational use and are suitable for companies that require critical data monitoring.

  1. Input Data Loggers

These are similar to the ones just mentioned, but the difference is in their functionality as a standalone device. The fact that it is has a USB interface allows for enhanced operability, while its medium-sized structure allows for deployment just about anywhere.

  1. Autoclave Loggers

These loggers are specially designed to withstand high temperatures and are designed and built for autoclaves. These work best with high-pressure devices and have casings made of stainless steel or aluminum.

  1. The Coin Loggers

If you thought the USB loggers were the smallest, think again! These coin-sized devices can be installed and put anywhere due to their increasingly small proportion. These can detect considerably low temperatures and humidity, and are ideal for deployment in narrow spaces.

  1. Card Loggers

When it comes to logging the temperature in style, these loggers clinch the first spot. As evident from the name, these are card-sized smart and stylish loggers that can be put in a pocket. What is more? They have LEDs and smart buttons, while some devices in this range also come with an LCD.

  1. Server Room Loggers

When it comes to serving room monitoring, then nothing can beat these loggers. These are ideal to be placed in data centers, racks, and server rooms. These can be regarded as the best devices for detecting physical breaches in critical installations. Moreover, these can very well detect a failure in the air-conditioning system as well as fire.

  1. The ACR Loggers

Again, these are USB loggers designed to monitor the temperature. But the difference is that these have longer battery life than their likes. Another logger in this category is the one that can also monitor humidity and comes with a built-in serial connector. Next are the OWL 100 and 200 that provide the options of optical data transfer and LED flash alarm. They can resist water and are equipped with sensors, both internally and externally.

  1. The ACR Plus 4 Logger

These can keep track of the temperature and humidity, and allow user configuration. These loggers are known as multi-channel devices and can be used across platforms. The Plus-type in this category offers the same specifications, with the difference that it can also monitor several parameters, while its battery can live up to 10 years.

  1. The Multi Meter Logger

This is a smart yet low-cost logger that comes in the smart shape of a multi-meter. It is capable of monitoring temperature and humidity and can be carried anywhere due to its portability.

  1. The Data Logger

These offer a range of data monitoring using several options. These loggers are available with both the display and non-display and have an appearance similar to a laptop.

  1. The Low-Cost Logger

These are medium-sized loggers that come with the options of LCD and allow for single and multiple uses.

  1. The Full Featured Logger

These loggers are not just ideal for carrying due to their small size, but they also offer LEDs and LCD, among many other options.

The Takeaway

The country has been facing the harshest climatic conditions, which carries a risk of damage to the home and industrial appliances. This situation calls for appropriate measures for our safety and that of our critical devices. Temperature and humidity loggers have become essential for effective monitoring and timely actions.


The loggers are necessary for acquiring real-time data concerning your appliances to avoid losses. Whether you are an individual consumer or an industrial user, these devices can help you safeguard your precious equipment and provide you the much-needed peace so that you can focus solely on your work. So, let us go and buy some loggers right away.