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They are part and parcel of life. For some of us they are an interim solution as we save to buy our first home, while for others they are just much more convenient than the whole ownership model.

Unfortunately, rented condos do have a few drawbacks. One of these is the flexibility for change and as most tenants will testify, it's very difficult to make an aesthetic change to the decor without upsetting the landlord.

Today, all of this is going to change. We're not going to show how you can rip your legal agreement to shreds, but instead showcase some smart hacks which can help you get oh-so-much more from your rented accommodation.

Become as shrewd as you can with lighting

Lighting can be transformational, but at the same time it can be incredibly frustrating. Few would disagree that the results often fall into the former category, but you can be hampered by the type of fittings that are already installed in your condo.

Nevertheless, some lights are easily replaceable and in those cases where you really do have your hands tied behind your back, consider floor and other non-ceiling solutions which don't require the help of an electrician. have an excellent guide on this; showing some of the best ways to make the most of your lighting using mirrors, different shades and all sorts of other hacks.

You can invest in the "smaller" touches

You might not be able to knock down walls, and your legal agreement might mean that even changing the color of these walls proves problematic.

However, what about the smaller details? For example, let's hone in on kitchen hardware.

They might be small, but kitchen handles can transform a space. They are extremely cheap to purchase and to highlight the point in-detail, take a look at this inspiration from Country Living.

You don't have to redo the whole floor

Walls are often headline-grabbers, but you might be surprised at how much potential is within your floor as well.

Unfortunately, just like walls, changing the floor is almightily difficult in a condo. This is why you need to think outside the box, with rugs and other coverings being an ideal solution.

This is largely going to depend on the size of your apartment as well as your own style, but this resource from Freshome should give you some food for thought with twelve amazing ideas.

Flowers can replace wall paint

You might not be able to open the tins of paint, but that doesn't mean to say that your apartment needs to be bland and neutral. You can tap into other means, with flowers being an obvious choice. Try and use flowers on the windowsills, and plants on the outskirts of rooms, to find that perfect balance and add vibrancy and character to your home.

Avas Flowers have become renowned for their beautiful designs. The Avas Flowers social media pages are dominated by such inspiration, and there are currently a lot of Avas Flowers coupons out there for those shopping on a budget.

...Although there are other alternatives to paint

At the same time, you should not constrict your imagination to just paint. Nowadays, the decorating industry has moved on substantially.

For example, wall art and temporary wallpaper are a huge phenomenon. Both allow you to stamp your own authority on your condo, with this resource by Architectural Digest perhaps showing the potential in one go.