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  • Written by Sunanda Creagh, Head of Digital Storytelling

Mum, why do we get the hiccups? Dad, why is the Earth round? How do echidnas breathe underground? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Mum? Dad?

Yes, school holiday season is once again upon us (starting tomorrow for some states, early October for others). Perhaps you’re looking for ways to keep questioning kids happy and engaged during road trips, long afternoons at nan’s house - or while mum or dad furiously try to get some work done with a kid in the background.

If you’ve got some inquisitive young minds in your household, we’d love you to check out the podcast Imagine This. It’s a co-production between ABC KIDS listen and The Conversation, based on The Conversation’s Curious Kids article series (where we ask academic experts to answer real questions from real kids).

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After a fantastic season one – which covered such topics as how snakes say “ssss” with their tongue poking out and why the moon sometimes appears in the daytime – Imagine This is now back with a terrific season two.

This season, host Brianna Peterson and a star-studded cast of academics unpack such tricky topics as hiccups, the shape of our planet, itchy bites and many more. Ten episodes of Imagine This will be released weekly from Wednesday September 5th – and they have produced some amazing little animations starring academic experts as turtles, birds and kangaroos, of course. You can find them over here.

You can read all the Curious Kids articles on these topics here, and I’ve listed a few of my recent favourites below. I hope our older readers enjoy them as much as our younger ones do.

Happy holidays!

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